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AHPS provides a variety of preparedness services and planning solutions.


Exercise Management

      AHPS has designed, developed, and executed several local and regional tabletop, functional, and full scale exercises.  The largest of these exercises involved over 1200 participants and 120 agencies.  AHPS exercises are Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) compliant.


Emergency Preparedness Training and Presentations

      AHPS has provided presentations and training programs on a wide variety of emergency management topics, including volunteer orientation and training, incident management system training, pandemic influenza preparedness, family and individual preparedness, and other areas.  AHPS has also spoken at statewide preparedness meetings and on expert panels at The Christ Hospital and the University of Cincinnati. 


Risk Assessment

      AHPS has the experience and knowledge to perform and coordinate risk assessment efforts on the local, regional, and state level.  A clear understanding of your organization's risks is the foundation of emergency preparedness, and AHPS can provide expert analysis and insight into this process.


Plan and Policy Development

AHPS has worked on the development of policies and plans for a variety of programs and initiatives, including Strategic National Stockpile planning, Chempack policies, alternative care center planning, volunteer recruitment and retainment strategy, interoperable communications planning, and other emergency management areas.

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